– Jeff & Linda K.

After sitting for my entire working career; I began experiencing hip pain when standing or walking in addition to tingling in one of my legs. I had a chance meeting with Dr. Ryan and decided to schedule an appointment – I wanted to feel better. After seeing my X-Rays, I was totally on board. I had only been to a chiropractor once before; but I wanted to feel better. After six months of consistent care, I am so much better! I have now discovered that I don’t need any more anti-inflammatory medication, even after playing 18 holes of golf and pushing my clubs. I’m not a 100% yet, but I am a work in progress with a great team by my side making sure I stay strong with exercises, stretches and adjustments. I’m looking forward to more great days of golfing, spending time with family and all the other activities I want to be doing without pain! Jeff’s Story: I started with Dr. Ryan in the fall of 2012. I had been away from chiropractic care for almost twenty years. I was having issues with a sore hip (taking 800 mg ibuprofen at least once per day). On top of that, I was also experiencing headaches at least FIVE times per week (taking Extra Strength Excedrin for this.) Within 30 days of beginning care with Dr. Ryan, I was able to stop taking both medications. As I continue with my chiropractic care, I have regained flexibility in my body in I feel great! This is what good chiropractic care is all about!