– The Atkinson Family

Once upon a time, there was a cowboy and a cowgirl named Monty and Bev, who wanted desperately to have a child. They tried and they tried for two and a half years, with no success. Then, one day, a friend suggested that they see Dr. Jen at Heart and Hand Chiropractic. Monty and Bev were very skeptical, but thought they had nothing to lose. It was much less expensive than the alternative. In 2 months time, they couldn’t believe it; THEY WERE PREGNANT! Bev was adjusted throughout her entire pregnancy. Two weeks before their due date, their little bundle of joy was breech. Bev was adjusted every two days and their little one had turned around by the time he was born. As soon as their little cowpoke, Ryder, came in to this world, he was adjusted immediately! Two years later, their family was blessed with a little cowgirl named Tayten. Through this journey they had become very close with Dr. Jen, and were very saddened when she moved away. After several years of being away from chiropractic care, thinking they were “fine,” Bev was experiencing terrible pains in her shoulders and hip. She was having headaches at least five times a week, occasional migraines, and also was suffering from insomnia. Monty had been diagnosed by a physician with arthritis in his knee and hip. He was told he would have to have cortisone injections for the rest of his life. Ryder had strep throat 2-3 times every six months, and Tayten had constant ear and sinus infections. This had become the new “normal” for their family, and they would take pain relievers and other medications to ease the aches, pains, sleep issues, and they just kept on with their lives, side effects and all. Then, one day, the aches and pains had become unbearable for Bev. She felt like she couldn’t dodge the bullet for one more day. They remembered how wonderful and pain free they had been under chiropractic care. Once again with skepticism, they decided to give the “New Sheriff in Town,” Dr. Ryan, a try. Soon after, they were all (Monty, Bev, Ryder, and Tayten) examined, and once again made a commitment to regular adjustments. Two months into care with Dr. Ryan, Monty’s hip and knee problems were non-existent. Bev no longer needed medication to sleep, her headaches all but vanished. They were sitting around the chuck wagon, (dinner table) talking about how four months had gone by without a single sickness in the family. This was very out of the ordinary for their family. It’s taken two different times in their chiropractic journey for them to realize how important regular adjustments are in order to keep their family healthy and happy. Oh- and they all rode off into the sunset, and are living happily ever after.