Dr. Ryan Pilsner


As far back as I can remember I have always asked HOW and WHY. As a child I quenched my curiosity by taking apart anything I could get my hands on. I loved to find out how something was made and understand how it worked. When I began learning about the human body I continued to ask the questions, what is it made of (structure) and how does it work (function) but I realized another question needed to be answered. I have spent over a decade answering my third question which is “How does a human get and stay healthy?”

My path has taken me from the University of Wisconsin La-Crosse to Life University in Marietta, GA where I studied Chiropractic and found how I could help people find true health. I realized that a healthy lifestyle begins during childhood so I studied Pediatric Chiropractic and I’m currently certified in the Webster Technique by the I.C.P.A. I believe in living an active lifestyle so I performed post-grad studies in Sports Chiropractic and enjoy running, hiking, camping, biking and in 2006 I completed an Ironman Triathlon.

I currently use my background to help families in Fort Collins get and stay healthy by Listening to their needs, improving their structure and function with gentle chiropractic care and Teaching them how to reach their health related goals!

I’m waiting if you are ready to take action and make a change!


This is what good chiropractic care is all about!
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Jeff & Linda
Thank you to the team at Heart & Hand Chiropractic.
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Dr. Ryan’s patience and calming nature are incredible.
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McKenzie A.
I can tell he really cares about his patients.
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Emilie S.
Wonderful and pain free.
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The Atkinson Family
My overall energy and endurance has greatly improved.
I am 64 years old and I have been receiving Corrective Chiropractic Care (CCC) since 2008. Prior to that time I had gone for chiropractic adjustments only when I had serious problems with pain and/or …Read More

Sandy B.
I recommend Dr. Pilsner to everyone.
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Adam H.
Dr. Ryan and his staff feel like family.
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Lauren & Jesiah J.
Thank you Heart & Hand!
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Morgen B.
I’m extremely happy I found Dr. Pilsner.
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Alexa W.
Dr. Ryan understands my needs.
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Jamie D.
I highly recommend Dr. Pilsner’s chiropractic care.
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Jamilyn and Deanna K.
Thank you so much for everything!
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Philip P.
I’m fortunate to have met Dr. Pilsner.
I had the fortunate pleasure of meeting Dr. Pilsner when he attended, and subsequently joined, the Kiwanis Club of Fort Collins, of which we are still members. Our club has less than twenty members; t…Read More

Jackie S.
I recommend Dr. Pilsner to everyone.
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Stephanie K.
I’m glad I made the decision to do this.
I had been thinking of having my scoliosis checked and had never been to a chiropractor when I met Dr. Ryan and some of his staff at a health fair. I did not know what to expect, but figured I could a…Read More

Jodi S.
I Appreciate Dr. Pilsner.
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Mary B.