Living with pain as a result of a condition or an injury can significantly impact your quality of life. At Heart & Hand Chiropractic, we offer shock wave treatment in Fort Collins, CO that can promote natural healing in all areas of the body. We use a stem therapy machine to target trouble areas, requiring no anaesthesia, needles or surgery. In just 3-5 sessions, you can overcome the symptoms of pain and inflammation and enjoy a more natural approach to healing. See how extracorporeal shock wave therapy can change your approach to wellness today.

What is Stem Cell Machine Treatment?

Stem wave therapy is a revolutionary new process that assists your body in promoting regeneration. An acoustic wave therapy machine is used to generate high energy sound waves that target trouble areas in the body, promoting natural healing without the use of medications or invasive surgical techniques. At Heart & Hand Chiropractic, we offer soft wave therapy in Fort Collins, CO to reduce pain and inflammation while enhancing the natural healing properties of your body. With sessions of just 10-15 minutes in length, you can achieve optimal wellness to overcome injuries and chronic conditions that impact your quality of life.

Ask Us About Stem Cell Machine Therapy in Fort Collins, CO Today

For a more natural approach to healing, why not try shock wave therapy? Heart & Hand Chiropractic provides a range of services to combat pain in Fort Collins, CO. To find out more, call today at (970) 377-3557.