I was first introduced to chiropractic care at Heart & Hand during an event at my school where I had consultation with the doctor. Additionally, I had heard about successes in treatment from various friends who were under chiropractic care. My initial reasons for treatment were because I had numbness and tingling in my limbs, stiff/achy muscles in my back, headaches and lack of flexibility. I was also having pain in my neck, shoulders, and low back. I had a short experience with chiropractic 20 years ago, but at that time gained only minimal results due to lack of education about the process and the importance of lifestyle changes to complement the treatment. The additional benefits from chiropractic care that I am now living are that I sleep much better and am feeling less pain. When I first came to Heart and Hand, the smartest thing I did was bring my husband to the follow-up meeting to discuss my initial x-rays and the treatment plan. At that meeting, my husband and I both gained a deeper understanding of what was going on for me and we were able to proceed with the corrective care plan being on the same page. To me, having him be a part of this process is no different than if I were in need of surgery or undergoing treatment for a serious illness. The Heart and Hand office is a definitely a place where my children feel very comfortable. It is clear that Dr. Ryan cares about my health but also about the health of my entire family. I hope to be bringing my children and my husband to Dr. Ryan for many, many years. I appreciate Dr. Pilsner’s willingness to educate and share his knowledge in order to help me move toward wellness and to maintain it once I get there! I feel glad to have found this route toward better health! I particularly enjoy the “extras” such as the tours at Sunflower Market and the Tuesday night classes. If I had a recommendation to others who are sick, suffering or in pain it would be to investigate and be open to all possible treatment options; preferring the ones which are holistic in nature.

– Mary B.