I have been a patient of Dr. Pilsner’s since October 2011, and my daughter Deanna became a patient in November of 2011. Deanna is 2 years old, and is one of the youngest patients that Dr. Pilsner currently cares for. I first came to Dr. Pilsner because my back was always tight from carrying Deanna, feeding her, and lifting her. She isn’t your normal 2 year child. Deanna was born by emergency c-section and stroke soon after birth. She suffers from several medical issues, but the main one is an underlying muscle condition. This condition caused arthrogryposis and low muscle tone. She is over 50% delayed in all aspects: adaptive, cognitive, physical, communicative, and social development. Because of this, we are involved in many therapies (O.T., P.T. Speech, Feeding, and Music), along with chiropractic, several times a week. After my first month at Heart and Hand Chiropractic, I made the decision to have Dr. Pilsner check Deanna, and I am so glad I did! After one month of adjustments, she was CRAWLING! Her vocabulary has increased each week and she is making strides with development. Deanna is also more apt to have normal bowel movements without having to cry from the pain. It is amazing to know that adjusting her little frame, joints, and nervous system would result in changes that were evident in as quickly as one month (4 treatments). She continues to see Dr. Pilsner on a weekly basis. We have both benefitted from seeing Dr. Pilsner. He both lives and teaches ways to improve your overall health. I highly recommend “investing” in Dr. Pilsner’s chiropractic care.

– Jamilyn and Deanna K.