I had the fortunate pleasure of meeting Dr. Pilsner when he attended, and subsequently joined, the Kiwanis Club of Fort Collins, of which we are still members. Our club has less than twenty members; therefore an immediate acquaintance was inevitable. He joined our club with a positive attitude and enthusiasm towards helping kids and getting involved with the community. So when I needed to find a Chiropractor who not only would be personable and friendly, but also professional and knowledgeable, I knew I found the right place with Dr. Pilsner. I have been networking and working as a professional for over 8 years in Fort Collins, and have met and heard the reputations of many Chiropractors. I had an army to choose from, and I chose Dr. Pilsner. I have been seeing Chiropractors on and off since 1991 when I was first diagnosed with minor scoliosis. I have typically always coupled my chiropractic care with physical therapy, as I feel they greatly complement each other. My problem was that I never felt that I was getting the undivided attention and specific treatment that I needed to get to the root of my problems. I began seeing Dr. Pilsner in the spring of 2011 when I had just finished tax season and I was experiencing 1-2 migraines a week. Typically I get between 1-2 a year, but this was a stressful tax season. Within the first visit, my migraines stopped, and I have not experienced one since. I also have lower back pain that has limited my physical activity, specifically swimming, and it was affecting my ability to sit and stand for long periods of time. I was also dealing with a rare issue in my neck where if I turned my neck just right I would get an electric shock from the base of my skull through my shoulder. Dr. Pilsner has been able to get me on the right track in dealing with those issues. He has taught me the meaning of chiropractic care. I have learned that it is not just about the adjustments, it’s about a lifestyle and taking care of the whole body. He has also informed me of the reasons behind the adjustments and/or care plans, so I have an understanding of the why, how, and how long. I have never had a doctor explain to me how chiropractic works. That was a relief and encouraged me to help myself in the process. Chiropractic care addresses the root of the problems and doesn’t just mask pain with medicine. It works, and I am fortunate to have experienced much success that I wish others would experience for themselves. Chiropractic care normally comes with a stigma that you just get cracked. This is so far from the truth and once I began care with Dr. Pilsner, I was able to hear the explanation of why Chiropractic is critical in the solving of many heath issues. It is a lifestyle, and as I said in the beginning, I am fortunate to have met Dr. Pilsner and to be under his care.

– Jackie S.