My name is Morgen and I just graduated from Colorado State University. I started seeing Dr. Ryan about ten weeks ago when I began experiencing pain and numbness in my neck and arms. The x-rays showed that I had an incorrect curvature in my neck that was compromising my health. I started care with Dr. Ryan and have become completely dedicated to the corrective traction exercises! After just ten weeks the curvature in my neck has improved. I really believe in Heart & Hand’s overall approach to health, and the fact that there are many aspects to tend to when achieving overall wellness. I also participated in Dr. Ryan’s Monthly Wellness Detox Program. It gave me tools that will help me to make long term improvements to my eating and exercising habits. I have been to several chiropractors in my life but have never experienced the whole health approach that Dr. Ryan and his team have developed. They work very hard at enriching the lives of their patients.

Thank you Heart & Hand!

– Morgen B.