How Can a Prenatal Chiropractor Increase Comfort for Mother and Baby?

Prenatal Chiropractor Fort Collins CO

Chiropractic care for women during pregnancy is one of the most beneficial options available for prenatal care. Many women who are pregnant experience back pain and other discomfort during pregnancy. This often occurs because of the rapid growth of the baby in the womb and the impact that has on how the woman’s body adjusts to that growth. At Heart & Hand Chiropractic in Fort Collins, CO we offer pregnancy chiropractic care that can relieve and even prevent many common pains and discomforts experienced by mothers during pregnancy.

Pregnancy Chiropractic Care and Your Baby

As the baby grows in the womb, the uterus grows at the same time to handle the baby’s growth. If the mother’s pelvis is in an unbalanced state, her ligaments may become twisted and torqued, producing constraint to the uterus. This condition restricts the amount of space available for the baby to fully develop.

A constrained uterus can also hinder the baby from finding the best possible birth position. Even if the baby’s head is positioned down to, first, its head may be off to one side slightly. In other cases, the baby’s head may be in the posterior position. Any undesirable baby position before delivery may cause pain to the mother and baby and slow down the process of labor. At Heart & Hand Chiropractic, a prenatal chiropractor from our team can help restore your pelvis to a balanced condition, creating the conditions for a safer and easier delivery.

Experience a Safer Birthing Process

The chiropractic adjustments we offer for pregnant women can help them avoid a condition called dystocia, which is difficult labor and is associated with much exhaustion and pain. When this condition is present, delivery personnel may employ measures that are traumatic for both you (the mother), and your baby. These can include the introduction of epidurals, Pitocin, vacuum extraction, pulling forcefully on the baby’s spine, the use of forceps, painful episiotomies, or C-section.

The risk of injury to the mother and the baby are increased with the use of these measures. Our goal is to prevent the need for you and your baby to undergo these procedures by successfully solving the pelvic imbalance issue and its effects on your uterus in the position of your baby.

With proper chiropractic care received throughout pregnancy, a prenatal chiropractor can help restore balance to your pelvic muscles and ligaments, leading to an easier and safer delivery. Our chiropractic adjustment services are also designed to enable your uterus to function optimally by removing interference to your nervous system. We provide personalized analysis to make the correct adjustments for your specific needs during pregnancy.

At Heart & Hand Chiropractic, we offer highly skilled and compassionate pregnancy chiropractic care services designed to help you and your baby experience a safer and more comfortable pregnancy, and easier birth. For more information about our prenatal care services, give us a call today in Fort Collins, CO at 970.377.3557 or use our contact form to send us a message.


A: Yes. Prenatal chiropractors can help relieve and even prevent common pains and discomfort experienced by mothers during pregnancy.