Bye-Bye Ear Infections

My mother has been seeing a chiropractor in Longmont for the past several years to treat migraines. I never thought that it was something that I needed since I did not have any chronic pain or issues. Shortly after my first son was born, my mother’s chiropractor started asking if I had thought about getting him checked out. I figured that he did not have any major health concerns, so that would not really be necessary. After my second son was born two years later, my mother asked if I had thought about getting the boys checked out and she gave me Dr. Ryan’s number (that her chiropractor had given to her). I tucked that away in the file of “thoughtful suggestions for later” and went about my day.

The summer after my youngest son turned one, he started experiencing repeat ear infections. The pattern was that he would get an ear infection, the pediatrician would prescribe antibiotics, my son would get better, and then 2-3 weeks later we would be right back at the beginning of the cycle. By the time we reached fall, my son was on his 5th or 6th cycle; a couple of them had even been double ear infections. The pediatrician started talking about putting tubes in his ears to help prevent further infections. A friend of mine had gone down that path with her son and I was scared to follow suite with mine. I decided it was time to explore other options and chose to finally give chiropractic care a try.

I contacted Heart and Hand Chiropractic and have been happy about that choice ever since. My youngest son has not had a single ear infection since starting his chiropractic treatment. He has experienced improved health overall and best of all…no tubes!

My entire family has since been checked and we have been patients since December 2015. Dr. Ryan and his staff are fabulous. They are kind, courteous, and friendly. It is a great family environment. I guess it just goes to show that moms and their chiropractors always know best