Dr. Ryan’s patience and calming nature are incredible

My name is McKenzie Anstine and I love WebMd. Well, I did love WebMd, until I met Dr. Ryan. I started seeing Dr. Ryan about a year ago after a rough snowboarding fall. After a week of treatment, my back felt better from the fall, but I had discovered the benefits of chiropractic care. I have struggled with daily headaches (isn’t that normal?) for years with occasional migraines. I had pain from running and triathlon injuries. Again, I thought this was a normal part of participating in sports and not being 19 anymore. I had a lot of anxiety about the headaches and injuries and constantly checked WebMd for a diagnosis, which only caused more anxiety! After a few weeks of chiropractic care, my headaches reduced from daily to weekly. My body felt better and I could run with less pain. While planning my wedding and starting a business, Dr. Ryan has helped keep my headaches under control (less than one a month). Now I don’t have to miss work or runs and I am currently training for my first marathon. I am learning to address the bumps in the road naturally and in a health way thanks to my weekly appointments, traction, and exercises Dr. Ryan gives me to do at home. Dr. Ryan’s patience and calming nature are incredible. I may still occasionally come up with a crazy diagnosis for pain, but have learned to trust Dr. Ryan and the process. Several weeks ago my husband and I were discussing finances, purchasing a new home, owning a business, etc. I offered to stop seeing Dr. Ryan for a while until my business was up and running. My husband, the chiropractic doubter, said; “Absolutely Not! I always love you, but I really like you when you feel good.” My mom had the same feedback!

– Mckenzie A.