I recommend Dr. Pilsner to everyone

I came to Dr. Pilsner because of lower back pain and neck pain with severe migraines at least once a week. I had suffered with this pain and migraines since early childhood. However, since these symptoms ran in my family on both sides, all of my family doctors chalked it up to genetics and left it alone. When I started working in the dental field, I noticed an increase in the pain and frequency of my migraines. There were days that I would go home sick and unable to do anything but lay down until the next morning. Like most people I figured “this is just life,” took Advil, and moved on. In the beginning, I did visit a chiropractor once monthly to relieve some pain, but then stopped when I moved. Of course my symptoms got progressively worse. It started to effect my weekends, and since I ran a business out of my house on top of my full time job, I felt as though I could never get anything accomplished. I was always too tired, or in too much pain. Both my father and a friend kept urging me to return to the chiropractor, but what really prompted me was when a childhood urinary tract disorder that was never addressed caused damage to one of my kidneys. My urologist told me I couldn’t take NSAIDs anymore, so I lost the only thing that really allowed me to cope with the pain. Tylenol definitely didn’t help, so I was left with hot showers and lying down for hours at a time. I even had to go home from work a couple times because the pain wouldn’t go away. Just as I was beginning my search for a new chiropractor I met Dr. Pilsner and Melissa at the Sunflower Market Health Fair. My first visit I felt instantly comfortable with the staff as well as the office. Everyone was very friendly and informative. Dr. Pilsner took the time to review everything with me so I had a greater understanding of why I was feeling what I was feeling. After just a few adjustments I was headache free! My family and co-workers noticed the change immediately. They said I seem happier and that I have more energy! I feel like I am able to devote more time to my patients and I am able to be ten times more productive at home with my business! It’s been a dramatic change, and it has prompted several of my co-workers to return to their chiropractors. I feel like anyone in the dental field should definitely see a chiropractor due to the poor posture that is almost required while working on patients. I recommend Dr. Pilsner to everyone I discuss it with!