I’m extremely happy I found Dr. Pilsner

My journey to starting chiropractic treatment for short term pain relief started a long time ago, but it wasn’t until I found Dr. Pilsner that I found that chiropractic care was the best option for my overall health maintenance and career longevity. I came to see Dr. Pilsner for two reasons, the first being low back pain. I have always battled with low back pain since I was in high school, and I wanted to take precaution so that I wouldn’t have to go through the excruciating pain of a thrown out back again. It got so bad that I would be in bed for over a week, terrified to move or sleep because I didn’t want to trigger a muscle spasm that would leave me paralyzed with pain. In the past my husband would take me to the hospital not knowing what else to do, and all I would ever come home with were a bunch of pain meds, but never an answer to what was actually happening. I have seen a couple different chiropractors in the past, but it was only for a short time to make my present pain go away as fast they could. The pain would go away eventually, but I was always living in fear that the simplest movement would throw my back out again and the whole process would start over again. The second and most important reason I found Dr. Pilsner was because of my career. I am a dental hygienist and all day long my body is in positions that really compromise the alignment of my neck and shoulders. I would come home from a long day feeling tight and sore, and knowing that the longevity of my career could be in trouble if I didn’t start taking care of myself. Going into my first appointment with Dr. Pilsner I thought I knew exactly what to expect, since I had received chiropractic in the past. However, this appointment was different than any other I have ever had. We spent the whole first half of my appointment in an exam room actually talking about what was going on with my body. He took and explained x-rays of my back and neck. I have never had a doctor or chiropractor in the past take an x-ray to actually look at what could be causing my symptoms. Everything was very clearly explained, he went over what he thought would be the best plan for care and all of the costs involved. His care plan included what it was going to take to get my body back to a healthy alignment, not only to relieve my symptoms right away, but more importantly how I could work to maintain my healthy alignment in order to live pain free for the long term, and to continuously improve my overall health. I’ve been seeing Dr. Pilsner now for about five months and literally after the first week my shoulders and neck felt like 40 pounds of weight had been lifted off of them. I’m able to work every day without my head feeling weighed down and dealing with kinks in my neck and shoulders. My back feels strong, and I don’t have that constant fear that my treatment was just a quick fix. Dr. Pilsner has taught me that using chiropractic treatment for optimal health and maintenance can let me live my active lifestyle without the constant worry that my symptoms will appear out of nowhere and compromise my life and career. I’m extremely happy I found Dr. Pilsner and haven’t felt this good for a long time. Half of my office goes to see him as well, and I know he has helped them just as much as he has helped me. I hope this testimony will show others that chiropractic care really is a great way to relieve pain in a healthy natural way, and keep your body in its aligned, natural state for long term health and wellness.

– Alexa W.