Thank you so much for everything!

I have spent the last three years working two very demanding jobs that require me to be on my feet for about 60 hours a week. It was not until about a year ago that I began to notice pain that was developing in my lower back. That pain eventually escalated into often times crippling discomfort that would last for hours. It took nearly seven months of persistent pain and numerous discussions with family members over possible treatment plans and paths available before I actually stepped foot in Dr. Pilsner’s office. Eventually I began exploring the options of Chiropractic and started researching ways in which it could be beneficial for me and my lifestyle. I knew I needed a treatment plan that was focused on addressing the immediate pain I was feeling but was also aimed specifically at long-term results. I also wanted to ensure that the path I chose for treatment was one that involved zero medication, allowed me to live my very busy life uninterrupted, and was something I would want to recommend to others. Luckily, Dr. Pilsner’s office offered all of this and more. I consider myself very lucky that my first Chiropractic experience was with this office specifically. I did a lot of research in attempting to find a Chiropractor that suited my needs and location. From the moment I walked into the office I felt welcomed and truly sensed that my needs were of utmost importance. All of the staff, including Dr. Pilsner, helped me structure a payment plan that fit my needs for the treatment I was receiving. After having been with this office for nearly five months, I feel as though I finally have the tools and knowledge to not only avoid the pitfalls that brought me into the office in the first place, but to learn from those experiences in a way that increases my strength and flexibility. From the moment I began working with Dr. Pilsner I immediately felt a difference in the way I moved both at work and at home. It was also nice to finally have answers to questions about muscle and joint pain that I had experienced over the year. I am now more mobile than I have been in almost three years. I have the ability to ride my bicycle to and from work with little discomfort and can now truly enjoy many of the outdoor sports and activities that I often had to shelve due to back pain or discomfort. I really attribute much of this success to my enhanced strength and flexibility that I have gained in the months spent with this office. Since my experience with Dr. Pilsner and his staff has been so positive, I have pretty much recommended most of my family, friends, and co-workers to his office for a variety of issues. And I know I will continue to do so. This office has really helped me and my family accomplish a lot of goals that we had set forth this time last year and I really want to thank them for being able to give such an amazing gift. Thank you so much for everything!

– Philip P.