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5 Benefits of Extremity Adjustments

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What are “extremity adjustments”? Extremity adjustments is the practice of manipulating the joint of an extremity to instill motion within that joint. If you’ve ever had your shoulder or wrist freeze up on you, you can imagine just how important these types of adjustments can be. When joints lose motion, they begin to break down [...]

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5 things you didn’t know about chiropractic care

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Let’s talk about chiropractic care! What is it exactly? The most straight forward answer is it relieves nerve pressure caused by subluxations (misalignments of the spine).  Most people would only think to go to a chiropractor if something traumatic happened, such as a back injury at work, a car accident, or a major migraine that [...]

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Put a Halt to Negative Effects of Concussions

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Chiropractic and Concussions We’ve all heard about concussions and we all probably know at least one person who has had one at some point, but what exactly is a concussion and how do you get one?  A concussion is a type of mild traumatic brain injury (or mTBI) that affects your brain function. Common causes [...]

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A female customer's leg is stretched by a chiropractor in his surgery Chiropractic Care Impacts Every Cell, Tissue and Organ The general public typically doesn’t understand the impact chiropractic care has on every cell, tissue, and organ in our bodies. As they discover this truth, many lives are now being improved and even [...]