Muscle spasms after chiropractic adjustment

The aim of chiropractic adjustment is to treat any spinal issues, which can also address other health issues (which may seem unrelated). While this can relieve pain, some people may find that they suffer muscle spasms after their chiropractic adjustment.

Muscle spasms can sometimes occur after you have had your chiropractic treatment. There is also the possibility that you may experience some cramps after it has been completed.

However, these spasms and cramps should only occur for a brief period after the treatment has been completed. During this time, applying an ice pack to the areas where the muscles feel sore can ease the pain.

While this initial period may feel more uncomfortable, often, in reality, this is the body adjusting into a more comfortable position. After the initial 24 hour period, you should begin to feel better as the treatment begins to take effect.

It should also be said that this is not always the experience for every client that gets treated. Therefore if you have an adjustment and you don’t feel pain or cramps, this isn’t a cause for alarm either.

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