I am 64 years old and I have been receiving Corrective Chiropractic Care (CCC) since 2008. Prior to that time I had gone for chiropractic adjustments only when I had serious problems with pain and/or movement. When I first started CCC my X-rays were bleak, showing much deterioration and misalignment throughout my neck. Some of the damage appeared to be irreversible, but there was definitely lots of room for improvement. Over the last four years I have gone from adjustments four times per week to my current schedule of one adjustment per week with home traction support.The most astounding part of my little story is the “beyond imaginable” nature of the progress I have made. My current X-rays look like they are from a totally different person- and, in a way, they are. I am now, after a lifetime of pain, completely free of migraine headaches. My overall energy and endurance has greatly improved as has my body awareness. But the most amazing surprise of all is that I recently have regained the use of my thumbs. After more than ten years of trying to get through the day with continuously decreasing thumb function, it has been thrilling to suddenly have them back. Apparently my neck was so locked up in the area for thumb control that the pathways had completely shut down. Thanks to the CCC interventions my neck has healed enough to release the pathways. I still chuckle as I find myself doing simple tasks (buttons, lids, tape, scissors…) without needing to look for a tool or figure out a strategy. In addition to the joy of working thumbs, I also notice less time and frustration being spent on the “little” things. Of all the wonderful benefits I have received from CCC, the top of the list is the ongoing support and inspiration provided by Dr. Ryan and his staff. During the many, many times I have felt frustrated, injured, or unenthused they have been there to get me through the rough times with their consistently uplifting attitudes. I have learned that no matter how discouraged or sore I may feel, both my body and my mind can be adjusted, and that I will feel better; and all of this while I am getting older!

– Sandy B.